DIY Customized Chocolate Bars


Peter and I wanted to make something special as giveaway presents at our baby shower. We were constantly bouncing ideas with each other on what to make, or what to bake… So after days and days of coming up with different ideas, we settled on something so special – chocolate bars wrapped up with our collection of Eames paper!

This is a simple project anyone can do. We headed to a grocery store after work and bought organic chocolates with hazelnuts. But we made sure these chocolate bars were wrapped with aluminum foil as it would look nicer once we customize the packaging. We removed the outer paper covers and replaced it with nice bold prints. Peter was in charge of designing the tags and I voted to be in charge of choosing which Eames paper to use and carefully wrapping them individually and got creative with the ribboning.

Our friends loved them and we were happy to have made something special for them. The joy of making and giving things to friends!

Peter and I always have so much fun making things together. We had music playing, pieces of ribbon & paper all over the table and floor… It makes me realize even more how much I love our studio space as we are able to make things together!