Luna’s Nursery






Welcome to Luna’s nursery. We wanted to create a playful and creative space where she can grow, learn, be nurtured and dream – a room where her imagination can roam freely and memories are to be made.

We also wanted to surround her with pieces that Peter and I love and have inspired us. Most of the pieces on the walls are things we’ve collected throughout the years. The illustrations on the walls are from one of our favourite illustrators – Charley Harper (It’s actually an alphabet card game that came in a box with other letters but I just picked out letters from her name – L-U-N-A – and framed them individually). The Black & White ABC Neutraface type poster is from House Industries, it creates a visual pattern that is classic but playful at the same time. Also from House Industries, are the wooden alphabet Neutraface slab blocks sitting on her night stand. The large canvas you see on the wall is a Marimekko fabric remnant we purchased in Seattle years ago. We stretched it onto a canvas to create a large piece of art to hang on the wall. The white mobile above the twin bed was a present given to me by Peter 8 years ago; it was made by a local artist. We also love the wooden bowling pins sitting on the ledge of her window. We saw it at our favourite home interior store called Habitat in Paris (they have stores all over Europe). They were so cute, we had to take them home with us.

We hope the space we’ve created for her will make her feel at home – a space where she can create her own memories as we watch her grow.