A/M Birthday Card

I share a birth date with our friend, Anita Modha. We’re birthday twins, as we like to say. I made this card a couple years back to honor the co-celebrant. The stenciled letter “M” was painted onto a window envelope with neon acrylic paint. The envelope acted as the gift wrap. Using pencil crayon, on a sheet of Eames paper, I filled in a few of the cirles to form an “A” onto the dot pattern. An oversized paper-clip held a couple of Vancouver Art Gallery passes to the sheet. A note was hand scribed onto the back. This formed the card.

When the card was slipped into the envelope, part of the letter “A” is framed in the envelope’s window while the “M” appears to the right forming an abstraction of Anita’s initials. The package was finished off with a thin black ribbon. I still really like this one. It’s simple, graphic, and personalized with just a touch of clever craftiness.