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Luna’s First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

This past year, I’ve been working on a special book documenting Luna’s first year of life. When we had Luna, everyone kept on telling us to take a lot of photos as the year will go by really fast. Well, we did and we took A LOT! In this digital age, I was a little concerned that the photos we were taking were just getting lost in our computer. I grew up (Which I’m sure all of you did too) where we had tons of albums at home documenting our life. I think that’s been non existant lately as our computer has become our photo album. But I don’t find the satisfaction looking through photos on my monitor screen – I feel less attached to the photos I am looking at. It’s just not the same. I want to be able to hold a book, go through the pages, feel the paper… it’s more intimate and feels more special.

So I came up with this idea and jumped right on it the first month Luna was born. It’s a 276 page book with different chapters for every month of her life. Here’s a little write up taken from the book:

To my daughter Luna,

I made this book, for you, to document your first year of life. Whenever you were having your afternoon naps or dreaming away in the evening in your cozy room I would be working on this book – creating something special for you to have. For such a little person, you sure have taught me so much about patience, love and to see the world with fresh eyes. When we first laid our eyes on each other when you were born, it was as if you knew who I was already and I felt the same. The love that I feel towards you is so powerful that I always have a hard time describing what it feel like. This book shows how much you have impacted our lives and how much love you have brought into our lives too. I hope that when you grow up and look at this book, it will be a nice reminder of all the special moments we have shared with you during your wonderful first year of life. All the milestones you had accomplished, your first frustrations, first solids, first rollovers, first vacation, first birthday… everything you learned and discovered, we were always there beside you, watching you discover your world and grow to become such a beautiful little girl. We are so proud of you, our dear daughter and thank you for coming to this world to be part of our lives.

Love, Mommy

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas First Year of Life Book

I plan to do one for every year of her life (crossing my fingers), kind of like an encyclopedia with different volumes. It’s really not that much work. I just take a few hours per month working on a few pages.¬†Looking through this book now after a year has past, I can’t help but get a bit emotional as it’s really been such a special year. We now look forward to what year 2 will bring!


  1. Melanie Iu says:

    So beautiful and inspiring. Luna’s a lucky little girl to have such loving and invested parents! May I ask, where did you print?

  2. Annette Arndt says:

    It looks great!

  3. Shilo says:

    Wow Nerissa, It looks fabulous!

  4. @petehoang says:

    My wife designed a book for our daughters 1st yr of life. Mom of the year for sure. Plus, some serious design chops.

  5. I knew she was a lucky girl!

  6. Kathy says:

    Where do you get this published?

  7. @ko0ty says:

    It's BEAUTIFUL!! RT @petehoang: My wife designed a book for our daughters 1st yr of life. Mom of the year for sure.

  8. Nerissa says:

    Thanks guys!
    To Kathy & Melanie: I used Blurb to print the book.

    • newmommie says:

      Hi Nerissa-
      I just love your book for little Luna. It is absolutely, perfect, and I am in the process of creating one for my little one. I’m curious about how pleased you are with the finished product from Blurb; I’ve been doing some research and it seems as though many people took exception to the paper quality, finishes and overall look of their books. As a graphic designer, I think you would have discriminating tastes and high standards in this area. So what’s your verdict? Had you used Blurb before?

      • Nerissa says:

        Hi, thanks for your note. Blurb is pretty good for what you pay for. But the main thing is you really have to colour correct your photos. I did it on hardcover image wrap standard landscape on premium paper and pretty happy with it. But of course, nothing beats offset printing but will cost your a fortune :) Good luck with your book! You should send us some photos once it’s done. x

  9. vanessa says:

    i love. it excellent work.

  10. wakako says:

    i love love love the colorful graphic that goes with all the photos. It’s such a great idea… I know I will need to start working on some kind of album for my little roo (now 5 months with 1000 pictures…)

    Your Luna is adorable!



  11. Amy says:

    This is amazing! Did you design it in Photoshop? Where did you get the diamond pattern from? Did you use a template? Thanks!

    • Nerissa says:

      Hi Amy,
      I’m a graphic designer so the book is custom made. I have an obsession with patterns so I’m constantly designing patterns for my projects. Lots of fun!

  12. jaclyn says:

    Your book is amazing! I love the color combinations, layout, and the graphics – and luna is adorable!

    blurb is a great resource – ive made a few books with them too.

    thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Nerissa says:

    Hi everyone,
    thanks for all the sweet notes! It’s so nice to hear from all of you!

  14. Tony says:


  15. Lynn says:

    Luna is so lucky to have you as parents. :) Beautiful beautiful book and what a great idea it is!
    Just wanna drop a note to say how inspired I am by your talent and I really look forward to every posts. Please keep up the great work and do keep those photos coming!!!

  16. Erin says:

    What software did you use? Seems like most people use Photoshop, but I personally prefer PageMaker. I’ve been wanting to do essentially the same for my daughter by transferring the blog posts to a blurb book. Since I’m not familiar with blurb, I’m not sure whether one software works better than another, or if it doesn’t matter if you output to a jpg anyway?

    Amazing book! Beautiful graphics and layout. Thanks for sharing. You’re a talented designer and a sweet mom!

    • Nerissa says:

      Hi Erin, thanks for the note. I used Adobe InDesign to create the book. Blurb, and similar services, have custom online software with templates that you can use if you don’t want to do a custom book. With Blurb, if you do want to go custom, you create the book as a press-quality PDF and they’ll print it. So, if you’re comfortable with PageMaker, and have print design experience, then you can certainly use it. Just make sure you conform to the book dimensions and other specifications.

  17. erin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure for both of you to have!

  18. MarcoSuarez says:

    An extremely well designed book documenting the first year of this baby's life. I need to do this.

  19. I love this idea! I actually just started working on one for my son’s first year this past week! I need to keep up with it; especially since I’m expecting baby # 2 any day now! Yikes.

  20. I feel like a terrible mother that I didn’t think to do something like this!
    Ok, with our next, I’m stealing this idea.

    So sweet, way to go.

  21. Jessica Pollyea says:

    This is a gorgeous book! You and your daughter will treasure this I’m sure! I have a 20-month old and am finally working on putting his 1st year book together in Blurb. I’m at 6 mos and about 100 pages – are you happy with the Blurb job on such a big book? Like I thought about splitting it up into 1st 6 mos. and 2nd 6 mos because I thought such a big book would be hard to handle (like the binding would fall apart?). Do you recommend the soft cover for a 200+ page book? Should I just out the whole first year in one big book? (i’m using the 12×12 size.) Sorry for such a technical question!

  22. Nerissa says:

    Hi Jessica! I’m quite happy with Blurb. It’s an affordable way to make custom books. We did a soft cover version of 276 pages and a hardcover with premium paper (highly recommended) version with a max of 160 pgs. I would really recommend the hardcover. the quality of the printing is much better and the book itself has a really nice coffee table look to it.

    we chose the 10×8 dimension and don’t have any problems with the binding falling apart. however, i did make a larger hardcover book (13×11) for my grandparents and the binding quality was awful. the pages were falling apart. but i haven’t had that problem with a smaller 10×8 and have friends who have ordered the same size too and no problems either.

    hope this helps! good luck with your book!! x

    • Jessica Pollyea says:

      Hi Nerissa,
      Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! This is good information to have about sizes and paper quality – I had been considering the heavier paper. Thank you! Now I just need to buckle down and get it done before he turns two!!

  23. eva says:

    amazing project! is this book available on blurb?i’d love to scroll through other pages as well….

  24. Caroline says:

    Where did you get the design for the front cover? I love it. I am looking to do a book for my 1 year old, but I am struggling to find design layouts that have good resolution. Please let me know!

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