16 Months

Biggest development this month is Luna is so close to walking on her own! Yeah!! We still have to hold her hand lightly when walking around but very soon, she’ll be able to do it on her own. This is very exciting for all of us. Our little girl is growing up.

Luna has also recently developed a liking for Curious George and can watch it over and over again. Luna also loves going through peoples handbags and digging into their wallets, loves playing with the Xbox remote control and any other (expensive) gadgets, eating bread, going for walks outside and waving good-bye to people.

The Victoria Secret Fashion show is still part of our nighttime routine – she has to watch it every evening before going to bed. Luna dislikes the sun hitting her face while in the car or in her stroller, dislikes Peter hugging me and does not like me rinsing shampoo off her hair.

On Another Note:
Nice to see Luna’s First Year Book on Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh listed in ‘Some of Our Favourite Photo Projects‘. Very cool. Check out other projects in the list too, they are all pretty awesome. I really like Mama Mia’s Maternity Book. What a fantastic idea to document a pregnancy week by week.