The Adventures of Mr. Bearbear

This weekend, we were at the Mayfair, a yearly fundraising event for our nephews’ school. There were rides, food vendors, old-time carnival games, live music and a thrift market. At the market, we found some cute wooden toys for Luna including this vintage wooden bear for one dollar. He’s a noble little creature who says his name is Mr. Bearbear. This is his story.

Mr. Bearbear lives high up in the forest trees. On a bright spring day, he felt a calming breeze full of Seawind & Willows billowing by, beckoning him towards the beach and seashore.

At the beach, Mr. Bearbear did what all bears do. He nestled into the warm sand staring out at the waves and boats.

He sat on a log and quietly smiled at the gulls that flew by. “Now this is living,” thought Mr. Bearbear.

Suddenly, without warning, a Polka-Dotted Giant picked up Mr. Bearbear.

The Polka-Dotted Giant threw Mr. Bearbear to and fro. Mr. Bearbear wasn’t hurt but he was all twisted and tangled up. The Polka-Dotted Giant did not have a gentle touch. She only knew of joy, love and excitement.

After seeing Mr. Bearbear twisted up, the Polka-Dotted Giant realized Mr. Bearbear was too delicate a creature for this kind of Giant-sized rough play. She put Mr. Bearbear down letting him sit gently in the sand.

And the two of them lived happily ever after.