We Love MUSwerk!

We love Joscha of MUSwerk! Her blog is so fun and beautiful – it’s a place where she documents her day to day life, photography, stamp making, illustration & fabric/paper printing. You can find all her handmade products in her shop. The great thing about blogging is you get to meet some lovely and very talented people. Joscha and I have been a fan of each others work so we thought it would be fun to do a little product exchange. I choose whatever I wanted from her shop and she chooses whatever she wanted in my shop. I chose her red Sparrow silk screen print and she chose my Trees, Bees & Teepees tote. Perfect! Now, I have a piece of MUSwerk at home. If you want to read more about her beautiful life in a small village in the Netherlands (she has the most stunning home!), you can read her mom story over at BKids here.