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Luna’s Little Fun Factory

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas Little Fun Factory

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas Little Fun Factory

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas Little Fun Factory

As Luna grows, our space grows with her too. We’ve changed our studio space numerous times to continually adapt to our ever changing lifestyle. Before Luna came to our life, our studio space was mainly used to work. When Luna came, we had to share the space with her and had to move furniture around to make room for her to crawl around. Now that she’s a little toddler and is more mobile, we’ve changed the space again to adapt to her needs and created a little fun art/play factory for her.

Luna loves doodling and being read to. So she now has a little art table, a reading rug, storage for her toys and a place to feature all her art work. We also created a family picture board where we’ll continually add photos of our family. She loves looking at it and screams out “mommy’ & “daddy” as she points to our photos. Luna loves spending time in here and every time she walks in, she goes straight to her artwork hanging from the ceiling and screams out “nice!”.

I always find it important to create different spaces in the house based on the activities that we would do in them. Luna knows that this is her space and it’s a place where she can freely explore, discover & play.

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas Little Fun Factory

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas Little Fun Factory

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco : Lunas Little Fun Factory


  1. Pete says:

    This sounds much like the story at our place. Any furniture purchase needs to be functional for both adults and little people. We just put together a bookshelf that’s bottom half boys top half parents.

    Anyways… I really like the wire baskets with the blocks in. Were these a find or from a store?


  2. elizabeth says:

    Where, oh where, did you come up with that wire mobile to display art work? Awesome

    • Nerissa says:

      I’ve been thinking of different ways to feature Luna’s artwork as I want her to be proud of all her creations. We’ve had the wire mobile for quite sometime but was just stored away. Now, we’ve found the perfect use for it!

    • Peter says:

      If you search for “hanging picture mobile” you’ll find lots of similar products. They have clips on the end and are designed to hang photographs but you can hang anything light weight on it. Ours was a gift and we previously used it to hang a selection of patterned message cards that were written by guests at our wedding. Now, it’s the perfect device to display Luna’s creations.

    • Belle says:

      Just popped in from Ohdeeoh because this space is so amazingly well thought out I had to see more! I love it!

      Elizabeth, we have a wire mobile like this on for our nursery and we got ours from Wee Gallery. Hope that helps!

  3. What an adorable space! Just discovered you blog via Design*Sponge and am so happy to have found it! We were at the book signing too…maybe we crossed paths :)

  4. Brisha Teo says:

    hi! love your blog! you have the cutest things! i’m dying to know where you found that blue rocking chair!!! it’s amazing!! as is the red chair in a newer post.

  5. AlexisAnne says:

    This space is pretty much exactly how I hope to encorporate an office into my living room- by creating a seemless transition between adult and kid spaces and having a place for everything we use often. thanks for the great visual- I will come back for inspiration often!

  6. shelley says:

    love this! where did you get the baskets that are in the white cubes? I’ve been looking for something like that.

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