DIY Garden Starter Gift Bags

I created these DIY Garden Starter Gift bags for friends we visited over the weekend who just moved into their new house. I thought it would be nice to give them something they could grow in their garden. So I went to our local garden store and picked out some of my favourite herbs – Rosemary, Sage & Basil then packaged them individually in personalized brown paper bags.

Here are the materials you need: Brown paper bags, pinking shears, sandwich bags, sheets of paper, tape & printer

1. Cut the top of the brown paper bag with pinking shears to a good height. Just enough to cover the plastic containers the herbs came in.
2. Once it’s cut, measure the length and height of the paper bags.
3. Open up Illustrator and make the document the size of the paper bag.
4. Create your graphic/artwork/illustration
5. Tape the paper bag in the middle of an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper (you might have to adjust the position of this later).
6. Press Print.
7. Depending on where you want your graphics printed on the bag, you will have to adjust the position of the paper bag on the 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper.
8. Once printed, open up your bag and place the portion you had cut off from the top of the bag and use it as a base of the paper bag to thicken the bottom.
9. Place the herbs in a sandwich plastic bag. You might have to cut the plastic bag to the height of the plastic herb container.
10. Place the herb in the brown paper bag.

Voila! You just made a beautiful DIY Garden Starter Gift Bag. You can use store bought seedlings or use your own garden clippings. Enjoy!