Handmade Goodie Bags

We’ve had a very busy week with Luna turning 3 and having 4 birthday parties! Part of the fun of organizing a party are the goodie bags – I just love making special things for little people. For Luna’s 1st birthday party, I packaged the treats in a lunch paper bag wrapped in fabric & bakers twine. This year, I wanted to make something special again and more personalized for each child.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them and wanted to be resourceful. I have a studio at home filled with materials I have collected throughout the years. I was going through my pile of fabrics and thought how fun it would be to make little drawstring bags. They are easy to make and are useful too.

Each bag is personalized with their name printed in front. I had some iron on paper from 10 yrs ago and luckily, I had a few sheets left so I used that to print the children’s names then ironed them onto the fabric.

For the string, I have a roll of red bakers twine which worked out great. There are probably better options for strings but that’s what I had at home.

It’s such a joy to make things for little people especially for Luna’s friends.