Luna’s 3rd Birthday Party

My little girl is now 3 yrs old – how time flies. We celebrated Luna’s birthday party at Jump Gymnastics over the weekend. It was a fantastic day and it was so nice to see our Luna so happy. She cried when it was goodbye time. She didn’t want to leave nor did she want her friends to leave. Now, that’s a sign of a good time!

We had her party at Jump Gymnastics located on Beatty Street in Yaletown. It’s a fun little place for a party and we had the place all to ourselves. The party was 1.5 hour long with 2 instructors keeping the kids entertained with gymnastics type activities. They jumped on the trampoline, dove in the ball pit, balanced on the beams, sang songs… The instructors were so great with the kids. One of Luna’s friends Cohen told his mom how much fun he was having and it was the best day ever. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? It’s so fun to spoil Luna and her friends on her birthday!

It was an easy party to organize. All we had to do was invite our friends, show up and bring food. Jump Gymnastics created a program activity for the party including a 30 minute snack/cake time in the party room. The party room also had everything we needed – cutlery, plates, cups, platters etc… We literally only had to bring the food, cake and well, cute napkins. They even supplied all the balloons for the kids. Then when the party ended, we packed up and off we went. They did all the clean up. Pretty awesome.

The party was from 1:30-3pm so I prepared fun snacks for the kids & adults to eat. I kept it fairly simple but fun enough for the kids & adults to enjoy. Here’s what was on the menu:

Homemade popsicle rice krispies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles
Homemade lemon cupcakes with butter icing and star sprinkles
Root vegetable chips with hummus
Fruit party tray
Shrimp chips
Vietnamese subs (not a lot of people have had this so I thought it would be a great addition to the menu)
Chocolate cake with pink icing from Whole Foods

All in all, a great party for our Luna. We are excited to enjoy this new phase of our life with a 3 year old!