Trinidad, Cuba





Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco – Trinidad is a cute little colourful town just 3 hours away from where we were staying in Cayo Santa Maria. Towards the end of our trip, we hopped on a bus to Trinidad – a preserved Spanish colonial town where you see colonial style mansions, donkeys pulling carriages, beautiful pastel coloured buildings as you stroll through cobblestone streets. The whole town is like an outdoor museum.

Trinidad is also known for it’s handmade lace & embroidery. It’s common in Cuba for people to set up shop in their home. We bought a couple of beautiful table cloths from an elderly couples home and a pretty little white embroidered dress for Luna. They were so sweet and kept on giving us beaded necklaces as a present.

We went into a cigar shop and watched a woman hand make cigars and bought a couple from her. We also browsed around an outdoor market and bought a straw hat, a doll for Luna and few other nicknacks. As we were browsing, one of the shop owners approached Peter and asked him if they could trade shoes as he really liked Peter’s pink shoes. I was also approached by a woman asking if she could have my hat in exchange for items in her shop.

Life is slow paced and locals would pull out their rocking chair and gather outside to chat and people watch. Kids would be out playing and donkeys minding their own business. The cobblestone streets are like an extension to their living room as people are just out lounging or playing games.

Trinidad is beautiful and I felt relaxed there. Our visit was short but I was very inspired by the people and it’s colourful town. Thank you Trinidad for the memories.