Luna’s 4th Birthday Invitation



It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate another year of Luna’s life. This month of October, she turns 4! My little girl is growing up too fast. Last year when she turned 3, we had her birthday party at Jump Gymnastics. This year, we’ve decided to do a Paint Splatter Party and Luna Can’t wait!

Me being a designer, I always like to design Luna’s invitations. I kept the Paint Splatter theme to the invitation by scanning a painting Luna did at preschool and changed the colour to pink & yellow (the colour theme for her party). And instead of using pretty envelopes, I used gift bags instead (with no gusset). They are cheaper than envelopes costing only $2 for 30 bags! I love spoiling Luna and her friends on her birthday and I wanted them to feel special when they received Luna’s invitation – like a little special package made for them.

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