Luna’s Art Splatter Birthday Party




To celebrate Luna’s 4th birthday, we decided to have a Jackson Pollock Art Splatter Party!  It was a success and the kids had so much fun. This year, I made Luna in charge of her guest list. She told me the names of all her best friends at preschool & daycare and so those were the friends we invited.  She’s at an age where she now has best friends and we wanted her to be surrounded by her best friends at her party.

The party was held at 4 Cats Art Studio in their Steveston Village location. It’s such a great art studio for kids and a great space for a party. They offer different types of art parties but I thought the Jackson Pollock Art Splatter Party would be really fun. Though, it took the kids a little while to grasp the idea of splattering paint onto a canvas and that it was ok to get paint on their hair, face and everywhere! By the time they loosened up, there was paint everywhere!

The kids first started off working on their own 9×12 canvas. They were taught to splatter the paint onto the canvas – a technique Jackson Pollock became famous for. Then, they moved on to work on a 6ft x 3ft unstretched canvas for the birthday girl to keep. This was so fun and the kids went wild!

Also, the kids get to go home with their own 9×12 canvas painting they worked on. Luna gets to keep the unstretched 6ft x 3ft canvas which her and all the friends worked on together as a group. You also have the option for the studio to stretch the canvas but we plan to do it ourselves.

I love these teacher led parties. It’s easy for Peter and I. All we have to do is show up with snacks & cake. The first hour and a half was teacher led so Peter and I didn’t have to run around entertaining the kids. The last hour was snack and cake time. Then the party was over & we didn’t have to do any clean up. Luna was happy & her friends had a blast. Perfect.

Yay for four!

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