Handpainted Tiffin Carrier




Our beautifully hand-painted three-tier Tiffin Carriers are now available in the shop! A perfect way to bring homemade food with you wherever you want to go. The three individual tiers keep meal components neatly separated. For example, separate your sauce/meat, grains and veggies to keep things crisp or use the tiers for different salad ingredients that can be freshly mixed together when you’re ready for lunch.

These Tiffin Carriers bring back childhood memories while growing up in the Philippines. My parents used to pack homemade food in these and take them with us to a picnic. It was a great way to separate the rice, meats & veggies. The food wouldn’t be piping hot anymore, but at room temperature, we enjoyed them all.

My sisters and I each had our own. Every Saturday mornings, we would go to our kids cooking class and learned to bake with other kids our age. After class, we get to take home all the yummy treats we learned to make. So we would carefully store all our baked goods in our Tiffin Carrier and proudly take them home where our parents & brothers were eagerly waiting to taste what we’ve made.

These make perfect Christmas presents. Don’t wait too long as our stock is limited. It takes a couple months to make & paint these. Our next batch won’t be coming until early next year as winter is coming and it snows in the small village where these are made & painted which takes longer for the paint to dry.

You can purchase your handpainted Tiffin Carrier here.