Splatter Painting


At Luna’s Jackson Pollock Splatter Art Birthday party, all the kids had a chance to create their own splatter art on a 9×12 canvas that they get to keep. The kids couldn’t take them home the day of the party as they needed a few days of drying time. When I finally picked them up, I was blown away. For 4 year olds, they did quite well. I secretly wanted to keep them all! For such little people, I sure was inspired of their work!

So I documented each and one of them before packaging them up to give back to the kids. Each of their names were written on the back of the canvas so I would know which art belonged to who. Their painting acted like a loot bag, though, it was just a week late. We packaged them up, added a couple photos from the party for them to remember and another piece of art that they did and wrapped them up with bakers twine. Voila, a masterpiece for them to keep forever.


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