Dolly Llama Rag Doll

DSC_6272 DSC_6271 Meet Luna’s little vintage inspired Dolly Llama rag doll. It’s the sweetest little thing and oh so cuddly! This one was custom made for her but you can get them pre-made from their online shop. These are 20″ tall and are all handmade. Even the eyes are hand embroidered! It’s amazing how many dolls Luna has collected throughout the years and toys overflowing in our house. When Luna was a newborn, her room was filled with wooden toys and vintage inspired dolls. Then as the years went by, more and more toys filled our house from birthdays & Christmas presents. There are those toys that come and go. But there are those beautiful well made toys & dolls that you want your kids to keep forever. They’re well made and they look beautiful in a home. This is one of those. There’s so much love and care put into making every single one of these. Thanks Dolly Llama for making our little girl very happy. I love it as much as she does! You can grab one of these for your sweet little girl here. DSC_6292