Praia do Barril – Portugal


Praia do Barril is one of the beaches in Tavira. To get to the beach, you can walk or take an old school train which takes about 8 min and cost 1 euro each way. We loved Praia do Barril. The Anchors Graveyard is pretty awesome. Nothing I’ve seen before at a beach. We played around it for a bit while Luna collected some shells and kept herself occupied making sand cakes (she likes doing this wherever she sees sand).

The beach is very tourist friendly with washroom facilities, shower (extra charge), restaurants, shops, bars and a playing area for the kids. The beach is vast and the water extremely cold. It was a very hot day though but even then, the water was too cold for us to jump in. If you’re in the Tavira area, I highly recommend this beach. Give yourself an afternoon or even a full day here. Apparently, this beach doesn’t get the crowds unlike the other beaches in Algarve. So you’ll have a lot of space to stretch around you and play in the sand.

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